“We want to be an end-to-end solution provider in home décor”

At present, the domestic home textile in India is estimated at Rs 460 billion out of which only around Rs 10 billion is branded market. However, by all accounts, the branded market is set to get bigger. About 20 years ago, it was a common practice among Indian couples to have about a dozen-odd bed linen and two set of curtains, wash and use those alternatively, till they tore apart. A new set was ordered only around Diwali, or before a wedding in the family.

That was about 20 years ago. Today, thanks to the phenomenal growth of Indian retailing, emergence of organised retail, increase in purchasing power of an average Indian urbane couple and growing consumerism, the market has witnessed a sea change. People take pride in giving a trendy look to their homes by picking up the best home décor items. With growth in branded merchandise, this market is set to grown even bigger over the coming years.

In exports also, India is one of the key players in supply of home textiles after China. India has acquired considerable strengths in this sector over the past, one decade. With world-class infrastructure for weaving, processing, embroidery, quilting, cutting, sewing and manufacture of wide width fabrics as well as fully finished made-up, Indian Home Textile products are gradually becoming synonymous with luxury, comfort, design innovations and high quality in all major international markets in the US, UK, Japan etc.

Along with the easy availability of raw materials, our industry also benefits from availability of low cost labour. Skilled manpower available at very low prices in turn reduces the cost of production.

Among competitors, China is losing advantage in textile because of rising power costs, labour costs and focus on domestic market. Other major exporting countries like Bangladesh are also facing geopolitical issues.

Another strength which Indian players enjoy over their competitors is the booming domestic market. This allows producers to mitigate risks and be competitive in the market.

Bullish about these growth prospects for Dicitex Furnishing, Rajnish Arora, Vice Chairman of the company fields a few volleys from HTA Indoors.
Date of incorporation: 3.5.1999
Vice Chairman: RAJNISH ARORA
Office Address: B/301, ‘M’ Building, Palm Court Complex, Link Road, Malad (West) Mumbai 400064
Brand’s USPs: Premium velvets, beautiful embroidered fabrics, digitally printed natural fabrics etc.
Top-selling products: Curtains, upholstery, bed sheets, velvets, embroidered curtains, digitally-printed fabrics, readymade cushions, curtains and wall papers
Which cities are your brands/products available in?
All major retail outlets across in India.
Manufacturing infrastructure
Two vertically-integrated, manufacturing units in Tarapur and Thane.
What is your company’s strategy for growth in the coming five years?
To give the most desirable product at the most attractive prices to our customers.
Marketing and promotion plans?
Extensive in-store branding in retail store, visual merchandising (Window Display) and editorials featured in prominent trade magazines.
Any other information that you would like to furnish which will add value to your company’s profile
We would like our company to be and end-to-end solution provider from start to finish in home décor.

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