The Mill Story

Although domestic market for denim fabrics remains strong, GST regulation and increasing international demand is egging on several denim manufacturers in India to work-up their exports. For several years now, value realisation for Indian denim manufacturers has remained higher in than domestic market than in exports, although this is gradually changing. The entry of a […] Read more »

Have you got GOTS?

Last month’s GOTS India Seminar organised by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) saw active participation from The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an internationally-recognised organic textile standard. Since its introduction in 2006, GOTS has demonstrated its practical feasibility and is supported by the growth in consumption of organic fibres and the demand for unified […] Read more »

Brands are moving away from animal-base to plant-base clothing

With its strong presence in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and other sourcing countries, Bangladesh-headquartered Global Sustainable Certification Services Ltd. (GSCS), helps garment and textile businesses build a strong and responsive socio-environment impact programme. By auditing their production facilities, production processes, and inspecting fine products during production and before shipment, they help clients take corrective action, […] Read more »

Responsibility beyond semantics

Responsible Fashion should not just be one of the hottest “topics” of our time, or a diner table conversation piece. It needs to become part of the way we do business, and an integral part of the business formula Blurb: Committed leadership from the top is important but that’s not all: buyers, designer and the […] Read more »

Our future lies in blends

Even a 25% growth in cotton and quality enhancement can help us meet the target of USD 350 billion by 2025, says Manish Daga Blurb: “Cotton and polyester consumption in India is driven more by demand than by government policies. We see a huge opportunity in blends, especially in technical textiles.” The 9th Asian Textile […] Read more »

The Story of Sourcing

Sourcing from international vendors is both an art and a science. Lokesh Parashar gives tips on how to ace this game Blurb: Once bitten should not imply the end of the road for sourcing great products from the overseas markets. Long ago when I was in the business of coaching, my brother-in-law gave me a […] Read more »

Surat- The Fashion Fabrics Hub

In the past one decade, the once famous diamond polishing hub has quietly morphed into a top supplier of value-added fashion fabrics to the world. Radhika Sachdev goes behind the scenes to report on this amazing Rs 50,000 crore transformation From 6 am, into the wee hours, a bevy of tempos and trucks begin to […] Read more »

What You See is Not Real

As part of visual merchandising holograms are becoming extremely popular in India. FBC talks to Indian Roar’s Akshay Patwardhan, a company that’s into cutting-edge holographic displays Q. Tell us about holographic displays and their innovative use in fashion retail. Think about the famous Princess Leia projection in Star Wars? Now think about your favourite superstar […] Read more »

Inching Up the Value Chain

To 17-something Payal Mehta, it simply doesn’t matter whether the stone-washed pair she wriggles into each morning for college are technically distressed, khadi, corduroys, vintage or stone-washed. To her, a pair of tight-fit denims feels like a second skin. She may perhaps have a pairs of Levis or Wrangler in her wardrobe, but the bulk […] Read more »

It’s In Our Jeans

“Most of our international competition for high value fashion products comes from Pakistani and Turkish denim mills.” Says Aamir Akhtar, CEO, Denims, Arvind Ltd. in an email exchange with Radhika Sachdev Q. What’s the apparel business’s contribution to the Group turnover, and has it changed over the past five years? Arvind forayed into Denim Garment […] Read more »