We Won’t Tell You Who Is Behind #TextilePortfolio

Textile Portfolio is just a fun experiment – virtually.
It’s not owned by any textile powerhouse. It’s not powered by any mill owner or fashion brand.
But it has a couple of industry veterans behind it, with many years of experience in the textile trade.

There is no army of reporters, editors, designers and web developers supervising the content flow. In fact, if we were to disclose how small this experiment is – you would not believe us, so we will just say that a bunch of crazy rookies founded #TextilePortfolio and are curious to see, where it takes them!

We are inquisitive and interested in covering any credible news about textiles, garments, weavers, dyes, textile trade, suppliers, technology used in garments manufacturing, retail, indeed the whole value chain from fiber to fabric to fashion.

#TextilePortfolio can be anyone’s ownership, if you have something to contribute to this platform in terms of news, opinion, features, and yes, also ads because we don’t know how long we would be able to pull along this experiment without any kind of advertising support – hopefully, for a very long time!

This inaugural issue carries a lot of dope on Denims because denim, like the Blues has never been about the fabric or the music. A girl in the right jeans can conquer the world – literally! Denim is about an attitude. It’s about defying the status quo, therefore, innovation lies at the core of this fabric.

There is many a twist and turn to the textile tale that we intend to share with you, as we pull along…